Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egg Dying at TVA & Bentley's Birthday Party

So to finish off from last week...we also went to TVA (for those of you that don't know TVA is Temple View Apartments, its the on campus housing, we are currently on the wait list to get in. That will take our rent down to $712.00 a month, verses our $1,900.00 a month that we are paying now. Sorry just a side note) So, we hang out over there quite a bit because most of our ward lives there. So we had an egg dying party, it didn't last too long...the kids can't handle waiting for them to get really bright, but it was still fun, unfortunately though Madilyn had a meltdown shortly after when the rock she found and had been pulling around in a wagon got picked up by another little girl when she turned her back on it. Needless to say, we left early, and then Mommy had a meltdown of tears too. I think it had been a VERY long week with Madilyn, she was SO cranky and just being hard. But that weekend she kept complaining about her ears, and wouldn't sleep well at night. So Monday morning we took her in, and she had swimmers ear in both ears, and an ear infection in one. So that would explain why my child was extra cranky, and made me definitely have to apologize to Madilyn for being so harsh when I thought she was just being difficult, but she was actually just miserable. But she now that she has got the antibiotics she is much happier and sleeping much better. THANK GOODNESS!!
Saturday was Bentley's 3rd birthday party in Honolulu. So like I said, with the whole ear problems Madilyn wasn't sleeping well, so we really debated on whether we should go or not, but we decided to go because Madilyn had been so excited for it all week and couldn't stop talking about it. We figured she would sleep in the car if she was tired, and she did, on the way there and back. But we also stopped at Ross so Madilyn could pick out a present for Benny. She chose a big muscle car...and I am pretty sure Benny boy loved it! But we left early from his party because Madilyn was really tired and getting cranky. But she had for a little while, they had a fun Easter egg hunt and some lunch in the park. I didn't get nearly as many pics as I would have liked, but here are a few. Thanks for having us Mike and Becca!!
Ya, I totally cut off Mikes head, whoops!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

One of the Easter egg hunts.

Well, its been a fun week for Madilyn. We started with an easter Egg hunt at the Tiny Tots group we go to, there were SO many kids there...so they just threw the eggs all over the grass. Which that was actually perfect for Madilyn, she has a hard time spotting them any other way. So here are a few pics of that day...
They had these fun cupcakes that were inside ice cream cones...she loved it.
Madilyn and her buddy Kolea

And it begins...
We actually live right in those exact hills...the house is just completely hidden by the lush greenery! Oh but isn't she the cutest!!!
My beautiful little girl!
Next up...perhaps tomorrow, egg dying, and Benny boys birthday party!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beaches & Picnics

So this past weekend we hit up Sunset beach with the Hitz's. So here are a few pics of it!
Action Shot of Eliza crawling towards the water, both of our children are definitely water babies.
Do you see the red spot on Taylors chest, well he got a super cheesy tatoo at school and decided to put it on before we went to the beach...it was of a grim reaper bear that said "your next" I told him if he didn't take it off I refused to go the beach with him. So he rubbed and rubbed and ended up not getting if off completely, and was left with raw skin. I am so not nice.
Haha, oh haha Gabriella...she cracks me up! She is a mermaid...can you tell?

Next, on Sunday we had a picnic on the temple grounds...
Madilyn loves finding flowers to give to mom, its so cute. And the picture below shows Eliza enjoying the picnic with a nice 6 oz. bottle, shaded under the trees...nothin better in her eyes!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bounce Place, Kaneohe Mall.

So last week I decided to take the girls to this great bounce place in the mall. Last year when i took Madilyn she ended up being scared of almost everything, well now that she is older and all the stuff there is brand new...she LOVED it! We got there right after it opened, and got there about a half hour before my friend showed up with her kids. So the girls just bounced around, and went down slides. They really had so much fun, I am very glad that I took them!

Eliza LOVED it too, she just crawled around and laughed.

Started hitting nap time, so Eliza was getting tired, but she was still a good sport letting Madilyn stay and play!

Oh my goodness, this picture makes me laugh so hard. So Eliza has two bottom teeth, and for some reason only one of the top teeth came in. Actually the second top one just broke Thur this week, but its not showing quite yet. So this was her getting really excited when I called her name. HAHA...we call her snaggle tooth.
They are making each other laugh in this picture, it was so cute watching them play together. Like I said, they had about a half hour where it was only them in there, but they still managed to have a good time together.
Eliza, just being cute!
Then Eliza's buddy, Kolea came to play. So I don't have many pictures to choose from, Madilyn and Kolea were moving so fast I couldn't ever get a clear shot of them....and they were definitely having too much fun to stop and let me get a picture of them.
Then they discovered the joy of table hockey.
That pretty much concluded our day at the bouncy place. I tried uploading a video of Madilyn and Eliza playing together, but I couldn't get it to work. And I have no idea why this is being underlined, but I can figure out how to take it off...

Monday, April 11, 2011

April happenings...

I suppose its been a couple weeks since I have put up any pictures, so here are a few to sum up what we have been up to.
Okay, so have any of you ever gotten lucky charms, marshmallow maties, or marshmallow stars? If so, have you ever picked out all the marshmallows and left the rest? I know I usually eat all the "stars" first, and save the mellows for the end. Well my children at a very young age have discovered the deliciousness of the mellows. So today Tay gave Eliza a handful, and she picked out all the marshmallows and left everything else.
A beautiful flower at the temple after a rainfall.

I am now in love with this tree at the temple, for some reason I had never noticed it before. But I tell you what, it is HUGE. I wish you could tell how big the trunk is in the picture.

It was so windy, thus the hair...but the funny thing is she grabbed her soother out of her mouth and then stuck it back like this!

Chowing down on grass...whats new. In fact we have a meeting on Wednesday to apply to be on WIC, its just his thing they have for low income families to gets you milk, bread, cheese, formula baby food etc. Anyway of the form it says does your child eat any of the following, and it gives a list of things like cheese, milk, beans, and then it throws somethings in like, clay, sand, paint chips haha etc. Ya, I had to be honest and admit that my child eats sand, and lots of it.
One of our friends at TVA had their little girls birthday party, after it was over a bunch of kids gathered everything they could find and threw it into a giant pile...ya that is Madilyn at the bottom of it, by the chair if you look so very closely.

Have I mentioned I got a Phil and Ted Stroller...well if not, I am just telling you it is probably one of the BEST purchases we have ever made. SO worth the money...I am in love with it. I can jog with both the girls, and it can go on the beach because of the big wheels, and it fits through doorways! Sweet!!
We played at the beach a few times with some friends.
Discovering the joy of 100 grand candy bars!

Picking mommy some pretty flowers.

I decided to give her the whole banana and just see what happened, well that this is what happened...and she LOVED every minute of it.

At our ward Easter/graduation party they had these rice bunnies they gave to the kids...well as you can see this is what happened to Madilyn's bunny. It was super fun to clean up......

And last of all, which was actually last Sunday we dyed a few eggs for Madilyn to decorate while we watched conference.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 additions...

Ok, so here are the latest happenings. First off, I just talked to Cortni and she has a beautiful new baby girl. They named her Ellie, and she is 6 lbs 7 oz. and I think 19 inches long, she has dark hair. Words can not describe how badly I want to be there, I can't believe I am missing these things. I started to tear up talking to her when I heard the little baby grunting and crying. My heart is aching to see her, but it is also full of joy for Cortni. She said labor was pretty easy, thank goodness for epidurals hey!

Second, my sis in law just got married today...another thing that my heart aches to be there for. I want nothing more than for them to be happy and that the day went perfect. They are an amazing couple, and I am SO excited for them. I wish them luck in their future together, it will be great.

Lets see, I also got a new church calling 2 weeks ago. I am the 1st counselor in Primary presidency. I can not wait to get working! The kids are amazing, and I had so much fun my first week with them. It is small primary, but it will still require lots of work because I want to do the very best job I can. The women I work with are awesome, I am super excited about it!

So just a little funny thing Madilyn said that I have been meaning to write for awhile now so I will remember...We were driving to church and we hear Madilyn say, "oh no, a boogie." she pauses for a second and says, "don worrie, i ged it." And just then she says, "its sticky." Haha so gross, but so funny at the same time. Like she left no room for us to say anything in between, she was already hard at work! Don't worry, I had a wipe on hand!

Anyway, I am trying to be positive and happy even though I want to be there for these two special occasions. I love my sister and sister in law so much, and wish SO badly I could be there. but I hope they know how much we love them, and wish we could be there.