Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A little bit of lately....

So I don't really have a specific event to talk about, so I will just show in pictures what we have been up to.  A couple of weeks ago both of my sisters came to visit, we stayed at our place in Mesa for a few days, and also went to my moms up in Prescott for a few days.  It is always so nice spending time with my family, and I wish I could more often!!

 All the Hiller Cousins together at my mom and Jim's...Hillier's like girls I guess, sorry Tanner.

The angelic and adorable Ellie.

The fiery adorable Maren.

I seriously wish so bad this wasn't fuzzy, she honestly hit a perfect line drive.  I can't believe how good she is at hitting!

Putting around the golf green at my mom and Jim's house.

Taylor introducing himself at the White Coat ceremony.  For those of you that don't know, a White coat ceremony is them showing their commitment to help and serve as they become doctors.  Kinda an initiation of sorts.

My cute little doctor to be!

We finally took the girls to see the Mesa Temple.  when we lived in Hawaii we were a block away front the temple, so honestly every Sunday we walked to the temple, walk around the grounds, and spend time in the visitor center.  The girls love it there.  In fact, for father's day I was asking Madilyn some questions, and said where is your favorite place to go with daddy...her response was the temple.  So cute!

We bought a pool....then returned it.  Haha.  Well the girls actually loved and adored the pool, but you have to do the same maintenance on this small pool as you would a big pool.  Plus I would worry everyday that my children would drown.  So we downsized!

Taylor finally got a motorcycle, he has been begging for one since we got married.  It was most logical with our finances, but I am not okay with it...

See our downsized pool? The girls love it just as much, and I don't have to do chlorine and shock treatments!

Our family of course! She is getting so good at coloring and drawing.

Taylor went on a fishing trip in Montana a couple of weeks after we got here, so Cortni came up to hang out so I didn't have to be alone in a place I was very unfamiliar with.  So we drove out to Tempe, and took the girls to the aquarium.

Madilyn started Dance.  She LOVES it, seriously she can't wait for wednesdays to roll around so we can go to dance.  She is doing quite well if I do say so myself.  Especially since she comes from a mother that knows NOTHING about dancing.

We have gone to the watermark in Chandler quite a bit.  $1 for a water park= best thing ever!

Practicing being doctors.

Enduring excruciating heats...seriously cannot wait for the winter...

This past week we have been to the doctors office once, urgent care once, and emergency room once.  Eliza has croup and was having troubles breathing, thank goodness for steroids because the was extremely stressful. So now both girls are finally on the mend, and I couldn't be happier.  I hate seeing my poor girls sick.  Not to mention not being able to go out much for a week is really starting to take a toll on all of us.  So here is to kids getting healthy and having some fun this week!!!