Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Our first days back in Hawaii the weather was absolutely perfect, so we couldn't resist going to the beach and putting off unpacking and going to the store. So here are some pics from our second day on the beach because I totally forgot my camera on the first day. But Madilyn has LOVED coming back to the beach and playing on her "skate board" aka Surf board...she can't say her f's. Eliza wasn't too sure about he ocean at first, but after a few days she now loves it. And I can't even tell you how many hands full of sand I have had to get our of her mouth.

I will be honest, I was quite apprehensive about coming back here, but it really does feel good to be back.

Eliza just watching the ocean roll.
My little Liza is growing up so fast, she is sitting all by herself now too!

This is Madilyn's new friend "club house" we found him at a garage sale brand new so we thought what the heck. He got his name because of the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and for some reason instead of saying she wants to watch Mickey Mouse, she says she wants to watch clubhouse. So when she saw him for the first time she shouted "clubhouse" and it will forever remain that.

This is our driveway...
This is across the street from our house, you can see our little place in the background...we live on the bottom part.
Cute little toot, and if you are wondering why she is wearing pants I have two reason for that...1st I can't find a pair of shorts anywhere, and 2nd I was protecting her from the awful mosquitos.
This is Madilyn saying "cheese"
Madilyn's new favorite thing is finding the "shy plants" they are these cool plants that when you touch them the shrink away, but they come back open as soon as they are left alone.
She loves eating grass too!!
As you can tell she got really really excited when I was saying her name..she is adorable.
So cute!

That concludes our first week in Hawaii, I am still playing catch up, so more posts and pictures to come!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grandpa Lombardi

Right now is my Grandpa Lombardi's funeral and I am missing it because I am in Hawaii. So this is mostly for my own journaling purposes to write down a few memories I had of him. I had the opportunity and blessing to see him the night before it all happened, I had felt very inspired that I needed to go to Utah before I moved to Hawaii again so I could see my grandparents all one last time if something happened in the year and half while we were here. My grandpa got to meet Eliza for the first time, and was able to get to know Madilyn a little better. That next day was Cortni's baby shower at his house with all the family there. That is when he got really sick. But I am just grateful I was able to see him one last time a few days before he passed away. In fact one of the very last things he said to me was a joke, I was cutting my brother-in-law Josh's hair and my grandpa was so pumped that he brought me to the bathroom and gave me his clipper set to use, and then when I finished cutting Josh's hair I said, "so Grandpa, are you next?" and his response was just like him, he said, "Yeah, can you spike it up in the front?" He was such a cute little man! The next day I was busy with my kids so I was only able to say hi to him, but I will just remember him the way he was that night.

I remember Grandpa made swings for us when we were little that hooked up to this laundry drying spinning thing. It would get going so fast, and was so dangerous...I don't think there was one of us that didn't get hurt on it one time or another.

Grandpa was amazing with his hands and made so many beautiful things, one thing I remember is the doll house he made for my mom, which I hope to give to Madilyn when she gets older.

He also made these great little scooters that we would ride up and down the street.

After my Grandma passed away, he tried his best to take over some of the things she use to do like making apricot leather (it was so amazing), and he also use to make these pot roast for us, and after Grandma passes away Grandpa started buying lots of sugar for us. I remember for the first little while he only bought mentos, needless to say we got a little tired of them, but he always had his cupboards stocked with loads of candy. I don't think I ever went to his house and left empty handed.

Almost every single Sunday we drove to Bountiful to bring Grandpa dinner, so that is probably one of my strongest memories about him and growing up is our Sunday's we spent there. The last few years since I have been living in Canada and Hawaii I have seriously missed going there every Sunday.

There are so many things I remember about Grandpa, but these are some of my favorite ones. I love my grandpa so much, and I am grateful that he can now hear, and he is free from his horrible migranes and all the other pains he had. I am grateful for the plan of salvation that allows me to see him again, I am so glad he is happy! Love you Grandpa!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas & Tanner's homecoming

So all of these pictures are completely out of order, I was doing this all on Taylor's laptop, and it won't let me change things around. But Tanner got home from his mission a few days after Christmas, and we went bowling as a family. We also spent a few days with the Burnham family before we took off to Arizona and Hawaii.

He is home!

All the family together bowling

Madilyn loved bowling! She also loved dancing to the music they were playing.

I had to get one last picture of Eliza in her winter gear...she is so CUTE!

Tanner getting home, after we waited for almost 6 hours since his flight was delayed. But we love having him home!!

Eliza Christmas day
Christmas morning at my mom and Jim's house.
Eliza and one of her stocking stuffers

She was so fun to watch opening presents
so cute

Madilyn with Grandpa Burnham opening Christmas presents early!

Madilyn Making a gingerbread house with Grandma Crockett...

Now I can get working on our first Hawaii blog...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back in Hawaii...

Yes I know it has been a very long time since I posted last, but in all honesty I was traveling and packing and traveling and unpacking so much that I didn't have much time for anything. But to all who are wondering, we finally made it to Hawaii. We had a weekend down in Lacombe with Taylor's family before we flew out, then we had a great Christmas with my famiy in Arizona, then my brother came home from his mission in Alaska, then I spent a week in Utah to see my grandparents and other family members, then I went back to Arizona for two days, and then my Grandpa actually passed away. It is the first person I have lost that was really close to me that I can actually remember. I love my grandpa so much, but I am happy that he can hear again and is in great health and happy and with my grandma again. So it was all a lot going on over our month of traveling. But on Thursday night we arived safely to our little abode. The girls did great with the traveling, we had only but a few melt downs which were short, and all in all it went extremely smooth considering our plane we delayed and we had to swich planes after already boarding a previous plane. But we have already hit up the beach twice, gotten most of the house situated. But I will have tons of pictures to post over the next week of all our adventures this last month and our first week in Hawaii. Oh and I big thanks to my mom who came to Hawaii with me to help travel with the girls, I literally could not have done it without her help because Taylor left early for Hawaii to start school.