Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow and Sledding!

I took Madilyn out to play in the snow for the very first time, I shoveled the walks while she followed me around. She even "helped" me shovel for a little bit, I couldn't find her gloves though, so she wasn't too happy when she fell in the snow and got her hands cold. But here are some pics to document her first time playing in the snow!!

She saw a dog across the street...thus the smile on her face!

So we decided since we are living in Canada for only 3 more weeks we needed to take advantage of the "good" days for sledding. So it was Madilyn's very first time sledding, the first time she wasn't too sure, second time we had to force her on, but she enjoyed it in the end. The third time, she would NOT go down. So needless to say, it was a short sledding experience, but still fun.

Eliza was so cute!!! Her nose and cheeks were so red by the time we finsihed
Ellie was so cute, she just sat there the entire time not making a peep.
Eliza even went down the hill with Taylor!
This was pretty much Madilyn the whole time, she wasn't too happy to be sledding.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Latest Happenings...and big changes!

Ok, so first off I will tell you how I have a goose ache on my forehead from getting the mail today...you ask, how does that happen. Well I decided to get the mail, but not bother putting on shoes or a jacket in the freezing cold and snow, I guess that shows how lazy I am. But I grabbed the mail, and turned around to run back inside and I hit my head on the door bell. I hit is so hard that it broke into pieces!! Haha, and then I was thinking about a half hour later how dumb and clumsy I was, and then I hit my other side of my forehead on Eliza's door!! Ok, so that is kinda of an indication on how our week has been.

So first off, about 3 weeks ago, Taylor got really sick and went to the doctors and found out he had mono. The same day he found out he had mono, I started getting really sick. Fortunately Taylor was mostly past the really sick part, and just the tired part. So after a week of having one of the worst sicknesses, and developed an ear infection, only to be turned away at the walk in clinic saying their was nothing wrong with my ears. That was a friday, so on monday after having suffered with ear aches all weekend I finally go back in Tuesday morning because my eye was sealed shut and pink. Well you guessed it, I did in fact have an ear infection, and pink eye. So by yesterday I was finally starting to hear out of my ears again without the constant pain and echo...and then Madilyn started throwing up, and once again...so did I. So the flu it was, I felt horrible for Madilyn, and I couldn't even help comfort her because I was too busy throwing up myself. But we all woke up today feeling much better, so I am praying that was the end of our long sickness. So needless to say, I have been pretty down today because I had to miss Harry Potter 7 last night because I was too sick to go. I had my ticket reserved for about a month, and was so disappointed I couldn't go....especially because I heard it was AMAZING!! But Taylor promised he would take me Monday night, I seriously can't wait!

But I have to take a minute to express my gratitude to Taylor, he is the most amazing person! He hasn't been able to study in weeks because he has had to take care of the kids because I have been too sick to do so. I just feel so grateful to him, and all his love and support. I don't know what I would do without him.

And on the last note, actually the biggest note...we are moving back to Hawaii, in January none the less. This was something that was extremely hard for me to accept, so after many tears and fighting my feelings, we decided it was what we had to do. Taylor felt very impressed that he needed to go back and get his 4 year degree (instead of 3 year) in International Cultural Studies before he gets into Med school, so the applications are being put on hold another year, and we are headed to Hawaii because that specific program isn't offered anywhere in Canada. So originally it was going to be April, but we just found out a couple of days ago that it is going to be January. So now we are praying we can find a home fast, because the availability is VERY slim. So we could use some prayers from our family and friends that we can find a place fast! I seriously am going to miss everyone so much, I feel like I just got settled again, and then off we go again. I had no idea that my life would be so "adventurous" but I will take it any day if it is with my husband and little girls. Life is so crazy, but amazing!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Burnham Halloween!

It is so much fun celebrating Halloween now that I have kids to dress up...well I didn't really dress Eliza up...she wasn't feeling so swell that day so I didn't even bother. But Madilyn absolutely adored the entire experience. First we went to the ward party, Taylor and Eliza took off about a half hour in because Tay wasn't feeling good, and Eliza was tired...so I stayed with Madilyn so she could do the Trunk-or-treat. They had a little family dance, and every time I would stop dancing, Madilyn would say, "mommy dance." So I tell you what, I was SO tired by the end of it all. They had games, and cookie decorating, it was perfect for her. Then they started the Trunk or treat, and I tell you what, that is the best thing ever, perfect for little kids. They had a awesome turn out, so we didn't even make it to half the vehicles before Madilyn was tuckered out. She got some great loot! When we got home, she even laid out all her candy and was organizing it just like I did when I was little. It was so cute watching her have that much fun, she really enjoyed herself. Being a parent really is the best!!! So I didn't get a lot of pics because I was the one carrying her basket, and Taylor wasn't there, so I did the best I could with a very excited 2 year old. I got mostly her back...oh well, she was still a cute giraffe!!

The only shot I got of her facing towards me once the trunk or treat began...pretty much the cutest giraffe ever though!!