Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Monday, May 20, 2013

Family update

I need to do some serious updating.  But then the process begins of trying to decide where to start.  So for today I will do only writing and hope to put up some pictures in the next day or so (fingers crossed).

So we will start with the youngest, Eliza.  Eliza turns 3 years old in 2 weeks, it shocks me.  My baby is almost THREE.  Wow how time flies.  Eliza I would say has been a pretty darn easy 2 year old, yes she has some temper tantrums, but they are short and can be solved quite simply most of the time.  In fact, if she is throwing a huge fit I know that something is definitely not right with her.  She is very easy going, and happy.  She really can be pleased easily and will get excited for just about anything.  We have decided that she is definitely the entertainer of the family, I don't even think she means to.  But she is honestly in her own world ALL the time, and it is hilarious. She can play by herself for hours, and most kids get shy when then know someone is watching them play, not the case with Eliza. Getting this girl to hold still for 1 min is a very difficult task, even in gymnastics after she has been running around doing stuff and then when she is waiting for her turn to come back around she just bounces and fidgets until it is her turn. One thing I really appreciate about Eliza is how quick she is to apologize when she has done something she shouldn't, "Im Sowwy." Everything she says is made cuter with her little raspy, no "R"s voice. She really is such a joy to our family, and I could not imagine our lives without her.

Madilyn will be 5 in two weeks as well, and once again I am SHOCKED.  I don't know how the years slipped by me so quickly.  And you hear people say this kind of thing all the time, but I really do honestly feel like I just brought her home from the hospital.  She will be starting full time kindergarten at the beginning of August, and I think she is ready for the challenge.  She just graduated Pre school last week, and she is one smart little gal.  She knows so much, much more than she lets on.  And I have never met someone so curious about everything, I know lots of kids ask questions...but Madilyn seems to want to know what everything is, and how everything works, and wants to know what everyone is talking about.  Even when listening to songs, she always wants to know the meaning of the songs.  I never thought of song lyrics when I was younger, probably not even when I was a teenager.  We have taught her that there are lots of words that are not very nice to say, which she never uses...But sometimes mommy slips and says something that I shouldn't and she is very quick to let me know that I said a bad word(don't worry folks, no swears).  She has picked up on a lot of things I say and do, like for instance, my road rage.  Mind you I have improved immensely, but I could always be doing better.  The other day we were sitting in line waiting for some food at the drive up window when I hear Madilyn say to the car in front of us, "Ah come on buddy, hurry up, your not even giving us a turn."  Haha, I guess I call the other drivers on the road buddy a lot, in my attempt to be "nicer."She is starting to get a bit of an attitude, and the other day when she didn't get what she wanted she threatened to give me a "constraction."All I could do was laugh.  Madilyn is a very sweet girl, and wants to please people so much.  She is ecstatic be having a baby brother soon, and I know she is going to be a huge help and love that little guy so much! And of course I could never imagine our lives without our sweet Madilyn, she is such a blessing!

I am now 35 weeks along with this pregnancy.  Some days I want to have him right this minute, and others I want to just sit back and enjoy these remaining days with just my girls.  I really can't complain about this pregnancy compared to my girls.  Yes, I have been nauseous and thrown up more than I would like to, and yes I am uncomfortable, but its still 10 time better than I felt with our girls!  I have had lots of contractions, and at times think that maybe he will be early like my girls, but at the same time remember how I had contractions with Eliza for a very long time before she arrived.  So right now is the being patient stage that I am going to try my very hardest to enjoy!

Taylor is officially in his last semester of his 1st year of Med school.  He has been going at it since July, and won't finish until June 21st.  But of course he has been doing amazing, and I am so blessed to have a husband that works SO hard in school, but also makes sure he is taking care of his family.  I don't know how he does it day after day never taking a break.  He starts early in the morning, goes all day, comes home for dinner and helps put the kids to bed and then studies late into the night.  He is truly amazing!!  He also just got a research grant that is quite competitive, and will start that when school finishes and work on it during his 6 week break this summer.  Which also means that we will be staying here in Mesa until January.  As much as I love Hawaii, I am really grateful to be staying longer.  That way I won't have to move with a brand new baby, and get to spend a little more time living close to family, and not to mention all the money we will save!  But life is good, we are excited for the adventures ahead and feel very blessed!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I suppose its due time to post about Christmas.  This year we spent it at my moms house in Prescott, Arizona.  We had a great time with family, and of course it all ends too quickly.  But here are some pictures of our time out there.

Madilyn is obsessed with babies, I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to be the most amazing big sister to this new babe on the way.  I caught her doing this and was glad I had my camera out and ready.  Not sure how much Maren is enjoying it, but she was a pretty good sport when it came to all Madilyns adoring hugs and kisses.

We drove up to Flagstaff one night and did the Polar Express, the kids loved it.  My camera was being finicky so there are not many good shots of our adventure.

The Oltrogge fam.

No joke when I tell you this, Maren spent probably 90% of her time sitting at this little table.  No one would even be in the room, or sometimes there wasn't even any food...But she had an obsession with it.  Quite cute I might add.

Santa came to the Crockett/Hillier Christmas party. Eliza was ecstatic about it.  Madilyn on the other hand was quite hesitant and wouldn't sit on his lap the first time she was called.  So after she watched every single person sit on his lap and get a present, she decided she would take her chances.

Sweet little Ellie

Maren could not get off his lap soon enough.

Tanner had a box of his pre mission stuff stored at my moms house, and we found this great treasure in there.  Truly a hit.

The Flying angel and Mary.

Its safe to say that the angel was trying to steal all the attention.

Tanner playing the role of Joseph.

Christmas Morning.

Seeing the presents under the tree, were!

Eliza's present from Santa.

Madilyn's present from Santa.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another catch up...

Alright so lets start back in October right before Halloween, Trunk or Treat, and Halloween night.

Grandma Crockett got the girls a coloring house, to this day they are still plucking away at the coloring.

Taylor got his massage table to start practicing his OPP(I have no idea what that stands for) and I get to usually be the person he practices on and I don't mind one bit!

Our Christmas tree, weeeee we love Christmas!

Lots of coloring in this house!

Eliza got really sick again, this time is wasn't croup but it triggered the no breathing thing again.  So we are now the owners of a nebulizer.  They think she has asthma, but I am praying thats not the case.

Madilyn's Preschool had a field trip to the fire station.  They got to spray the hose, and ride in the fire truck!!

Madilyn's preschool class, as you can tell she is a little out numbered.  There is one other little girl but unfortunately she was home sick.

Eliza got to come along too!

Madilyn experimenting with drawing teeth, when Taylor saw it he asked me, "Has she been watching nightmare before christmas?" Hhaha oh goodness.

For those of you that didn't already know, we are moving back to paradise in July.  So my mom was kind enough to watch the girls for us for a whole week while Taylor and I went to relax/scope out areas in Kapolei over Thanksgiving.

Best Thai food EVER! (can't say I have been to a lot of thai places, but I hear that from all those who love Thai that this is the best) This guy use to just own a food truck now he has a full blown establishment!

Sunset at Turtle Bay

We got to be real live tourist while we were there and even went to Pearl Harbor since Taylor had never been.  It has changed a little since I was here 6 years ago, but it has the same stillness and reverence as when I was here last.  Very amazing place.

USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona ship under water, a tomb for over a thousand soldiers.  They said I think 8 men who served on this ship have to option to have their bodies placed inside after they pass on.  They said all the remaining survivors have done so, and the rest plan on having it done as well.

They said it still leaks about a quart of oil a day.  Crazy.  You can see the oil on the water.

One of the survivors, paying his respects at the wall of all those who died on this ship.  It was a very amazing experience to watch.

OnoYo, and I don't forget our delicious yogurt land that we drove many miles to get.

The lighthouse hike. It was a beautiful day.  Unfortunately the only picture we have of taylor and I is on his phone. Oh well.

Pali Lookout.  For some odd reason there were thousand and thousand of bees dead and alive all over the place. Super weird because it is SO windy up there.

They were shooting hunger games while we were there at Turtle Bay, so naturally I sat around a watched like a crazy waiting for something to happen.  But finally I got to see Katniss coming out of her Pod.  Woo Hoo.  So the producer was guarding the set, and I got out my camera to take a picture and he got real mad at me.  But since its a public beach he can't actually stop people from taking pics.  But I was scared of the guy after that, not to mention he was watching me like a hawk.  But a friend of mine got some pictures while he wasn't looking.  So there you go, acting at its finest.

there she is on the paddle board heading out.

So since Hawaii we have been doing lots of Christmas crafts, and having fun!

Their first Krispy Kremes. SO GOOD!!

Eliza drew her first stick figure, proud mom right here.

Made Christmas ornaments

And My big girl had her first dance recital.  I was SO impressed with how well she did.  I thought she might get on the stage and freeze once she saw all those people.  But it didn't even faze her, she was amazing!!

HAHA oh dear. 

Her buddy Ashlynn, after recital.

The beaner.

Sitting reindeer.

Finished with some jumping around!