Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Eliza's 2nd Birthday

 My little Eliza turned 2 on June 9th.  It was another pretty low key birthday in the house.  We started the morning bright and early again and opened presents.  After we got ready and went swimming at my mom and Jim's hotel.  Then we went out to eat at this cool place called Joe's farmhouse grill.  Everything was grown right there, so it was pretty cool.  Then we went back to the house for some cake and ice cream!  So like I said, pretty low key.  

So now for a little update on my little princess.  She reminds of Taylor and looks just like him too.  She is sneaky and mischievous.  We call her out little button pusher.  Because Madilyn is a lot like me, she gets worked up really easy and is super dramatic (like I said, just like me).  And since Eliza is like Taylor, she loves to get a reaction out of her.  So the key to a happy car ride, never let there car seats touch or it will be a very unhappy car ride for all parties....but Eliza! She is so much fun, and quite a happy little girl.  She is super tough, if she gets hurt and is crying we will say, "are you going to be okay?" And she will always respond, "Yesss." (in a very sad voice) but then she is done crying as soon as you ask the question!  She is pretty obedient, she is getting a little less the older she gets.  LIke I said, she likes to push buttons now.  Anyway, I couldn't ask for a happier more amazing little girl to have in our lives.  We truly have been blessed to have the most amazing little girls!!  Now for some pics...

Taking the new car for a spin.

wow, she looks really tired...pretty sure it was like 4 or 5?

Swimming at Grandma and Grandpas hotel.

 Cake Time....

Yep, my mom made the amazing cake again.  And yes, it was delicious as well!

Concentration is the key to a good bite of cake! So cute!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Madilyn's 4th Birthday!!

My little girl is growing up and she is a whole 4 years old now! I can't believe it! Madilyn is amazing, she really is such a good girl.  She loves to play and have fun, she loves to read, and she is really learning to love coloring and drawing pictures.  For her 4th birthday I felt kinda bad because we had just flew into Mesa (where we are living now) the night before.  I mean we didn't even get to our house until like 9, so my mom was kind enough to drop some wrapping paper and a few gifts that we asked her to get at our house before we arrived.  That was a huge help.  So she woke up I think at 4 am for the day, so since it was her birthday we opened presents bright and early! She was so excited, she had been counting down the days to her birthday for such a long time!

She loves her daddy! 100% daddy's girl!

Well my mom was making the cake for Madilyn, but her fight (she was visiting my sister in Texas) didn't come in until later that night on her birthday, so we just had ice cream. 

Madilyn also decided that she had to go to Chuck e cheeses for her birthday, because her cousin Noah went there for his birthday.  She had no idea what is was, but she had to go.  She wanted to go when grandma was there, so we spent the day running errands and trying to get all our stuff unpacked. Notice the living room in the background, I work long hours to get all our stuff cleared out of there, and it was a HUGE pile of stuff.

Then like at 9am the next morning on the 7th my mom pulled out the finished cake that she made her.  isn't' this awesome.  my mom is the best ever!

Madilyn got a kitchen for her birthday, and her cousin Ellie was there for a few hours before they drove to Idaho to visit family.

So here is the famous Chuck e cheese.  Funny story...we were standing in line to pay, when we hear a machine close to us going nuts, we look over to see Madilyn standing there with tickets coming so fast out of the machine.  So we run over to see what happened and come to find out, a nice little girl was kind enough to give Madilyn a token to play.  Well she just so happened to hit the jack pot.  The little girl was in shock, and Madilyn was under the impression after that, that all the machines would do the same thing.  So we gave the little girl a token to pay her back. But after getting over 200 hundred tickets from the whole day, they walked out with two "cool" straws and two bracelets.  Ridiculous! But she loved it.  Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, and they are mostly of Eliza because Madilyn was way too busy to stop for a picture!

Well there is my adorable little 4 year old.  I couldn't have asked for a better little girl! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 weeks in Canada

So as most of you know from previous posts, we spent some time in Canada with Taylor's family.  It was a lot of fun spending time with family and just relaxing before Taylor hits school hard time.  So here is a few pictures of what we mostly did.

We spent lots of time just hanging out outside.  The weather was beautiful, a little crisp, but still nice enough to play around outside most days.

Walks at J.J. Colette

Love this picture!

The background looks fake to me, but Alberta truly is a beautiful place...even if it has 8 month winters, the summers are incredible there! And there is of course my cute little muffin!

Story time before bed

We had to get rid of all our stuff that we had in storage up in Canada, so we sold the big stuff, and then had a garage sale to get rid of the rest.  While going through our stuff, Madilyn discovered her Giraffe costume that she wore two years previously for Halloween, still fit and everything...they were floods of course, but she could care less.  Needless to say, we did not get rid of the costume, and we couldn't get her out of that things for days!

We had a big birthday party for all the May and June Birthdays in the family.  Rob, Noah, Madilyn, Eliza and myself.  So it was fun celebrating with everyone!

You would think my kids had never tasted sugar before.  They were shoving those cupcakes in their faces.  Eliza was the worst though, she ate two within minutes!!

Second one, DONE!

Next up on the blog, the actual birthday celebrations for Madilyn and Eliza in our new house in Arizona.  Yeah for getting caught up, it feels so good to know I am getting closer, it all felt so overwhelming thinking of all the catch up.   So sorry for the brief posts, they have mostly been pictures, I just have a lot of sort through!