Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fairmont April 2012

Fairmont...this is a rundown of what we do in Fairmont, British Columbia.  We golf, we swim, we eat, we play at the park, we go on walks, we throw rocks, we play games....repeat about 10 more times. This year we had our own condo, and we were not by anyone else, so once the kids went down it made it difficult to play games as a family, because that is usually a huge part of Fairmont, which is still was this year, but I mostly stayed back every night so Taylor could hang with his family....and I had an awesome book I was reading, so it wasn't so bad sitting in a pitch dark condo all night.  Haha, it really was a great little trip.  Always good to spend time with the Burnham's.

Oh ya, also this year we were not allowed to use the water, because it was the spring runoff and there is always a chance of getting beaver fever...and let me just tell you, you never realize how much you use water until you can't use it.  SO annoying, but I felt an immense gratitude for clean water to use!

 My little golfers.  Isn't it beautiful?

 Beautiful walk we went on...

We spent a lot of time throwing rocks, on every walk we went on.

The crew that came on the walk.

But this is what we spent the majority of time doing, swimming.  Can I just tell you how amazing Madilyn is at swimming.  She has never had any lessons, and she can jump in and swim about 10 feet before needing air! I am so impressed with how well she does in the water.  

Chicken fight....can't remember who won?? I am guessing Charlie, she is pretty tough!

Haha, Noah and Jackson were sporting this gear most of the time, so funny!

Ahh Cute Sebastian and Tarilyn

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BYU Hawaii Graduation

BYU Hawaii 2012 Graduation

 Yep, he works pretty dang hard in school! He will probably be super embarrassed that I put that up, but its okay, because I am sure no one even knows what all those symbols mean anyway!

What a sweet family we got to know out in Hawaii, Megumi and Josh and their sweet new baby!

 Some of our Amazing neighbours..

One of Taylor's favorite professors, Joke (yes, that is his name, but you don't pronounce it that way it looks.) 

Taylor's parents Rob and Colette

Taylor's good friend, Ryan Hitz.

All the family together that were able to come.  Thanks for all the support everyone!

Nate and Taylor

Cade and Casey some good old Canadian friends!

Ashleigh and Suliasi, ahh miss playing with you guys!

Another fav Professor of Taylor's

After graduation, yep...we just sat around and talked and packed up our house some more...
Man alive do I ever miss this place, we couldn't have asked for a better experience than to live in the most amazing place for two years!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disneyland trip!

We decided that after Taylor graduated that it would be fun to go on a family vacation, and what better place then Disneyland.  So we simply took a little detour flight to California on our way to Canada.  It was SO much fun, I am so so glad we did it.  We went with my family, and it was so good to spend time with them.  The girls really loved it!

 So excited for Disneyland to open for the day!

 The carousel was a big hit, we rode it a lot!


 It's a small world

 Toy Story mania

 It was so fun watching them meet all the disney characters

 Alice in wonderland

 A ride in the Bugs life land

 Handy Manny

 Tarzan's treehouse

                                 So that pretty much sums up our trip with a few pictures!