Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Adventureous Weekend

So this weekend our family decided to be spontaneous, so on Friday we went to the Dole Plantation and had a lovely time. On the way back we thought it would be fun to stop at a beach and play around for a bit. As I was shutting the car door I saw the keys still sitting on the front seat; I tried to stop the door, but too late. So $80.00 later we were able to get back into the car, for a service that literally took the guy 15 seconds. We deiced that Taylor or I should take up a career in opening locked doors for people...we could make a killing.

Saturday, we decided to be adventurous and we headed to Honolulu to have a sleepover at our friends Mike, Becca , and little Bentley Olsen, who is Madilyn's age. When we got there we had a grand time swimming at the Marriott hotel swimming pool, and after Taylor and Mike went night surfing in Waikiki while Becca and I hung out with the kids. We were having a wonderful time until Madilyn decided it would be a good idea to wake up 2 hours after she went down for the night. At 1 in the morning we finally decided to cut our losses and make the 1 hour drive home so we wouldn't keep our friends up, and risk waking up Bentley with our daughters screaming. Madilyn was wired all the way home and finally crashed at 2:30am...I have to admit I was pretty impressed with her ability to stay awake.

The point of this post is to show how it seems as though every time we try hard to get out and do fun things...this is what kind of things end up happening. Good thing I have a positive husband, otherwise I would probably never leave the house again. But the good thing is...it just adds to the adventures and makes more memories. Life would be too boring is it was simple and if everything went as planned. We really did have a fun weekend though, and that is what matters.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


So Taylor and I were talking the other day about how much milk our family goes through. So we thought it would be interesting to find out how much we spend a month on just milk alone. Our conclusion was this........$80.00 a month. How pathetic is that?? That is 4 gallons a week, Madilyn drinks 2 of those gallons herself a week....perhaps that is why she never eats real food. So I decided to try and give her more of a variety in her drinks, but it always seems to resort back to milk. And my excuse for drinking so much milk is because it helps with heartburn, for a few minutes at least. And Taylor just likes milk I guess! It doesn't help that milk is so dang expensive here in Hawaii, I can't even imagine what our milk bill would be with a bigger family. Anyway, thats our milk problem!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Month in Hawaii

We can't believe our time is almost up here....so crazy. We have definately enjoyed it here, and will miss it so much. But I think we are all pretty excited to see family, and have babysitters again...I think we have been on a total of 3 dates in 8 months.

Madilyn and I have just been up to our usual stuff, playing on the beach and at the park. Taylor is trying to finish out strong with school, and hoping to get in a few surf sessions before we head out.

Our little baby is growing, 27 1/2 weeks along now. This pregnancy has been going a lot faster than my last one, but it definately has taken a toll earlier. Braxton Hicks are killing me this time round, I can't believe it...I am just praying that my labor won't be more intense because of it.