Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Special Blankie

Madilyn has what we like to call her special blankie. It is a receiving blanket that my mother in law made when she was a newborn baby, along with lots of other blankets. But for some reason she has picked this one in particular out to be the special one. We have tried introducing new blankets, but it still remains the one and only special blanket. It is a pale yellow blanket, so it almost looks like it is suppose to be white, and its just dirty. My sister actually saw it, picked it up and said, "eww, what is this."

She takes her blanket EVERYWHERE we go, and every time she falls asleep, she automatically goes to the corner of the blanket and starts stroking the corner. Its hilarious, because without fail she will stroke the ends. so funny.

So whenever I need to wash her blanket she throws a fit, i stick it in the wash and it magically disappears out of the wash. Needless to say I have been fighting her for over a month trying to wash it. So I have been saying to her, "Madilyn, your blanket is looking gross."

Finally today, while she was distracted, I stuck her blanket in the middle of the wash pile so she wouldn't see and hurry and ran to the laundry room to wash it. So once the wash was done, I handed her the warm clean blanket, and she started to almost cry and said, "I don't want it washed, I just want it to be yucky." Haha it was hilarious, she was so heartbroken that I washed her blanket!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas 2011!

Its been a long time since I have blogged, so it will take forever to back track a few months, so instead I will just start with Christmas in Canada!

We started the holiday's off with some good old fashion sledding. Madilyn was so excited to do it, and then she absolutely refused to go down the hill. But she found other ways of amusing herself on the top of the hill....she tried out eating snow for the first time, and she loved it! But Eliza on the other hand could not get enough of the sledding. She just kept going over and over.

This looks out over the frozen lake...wish we had skates, it would have been fun!

Then we played out the nativity with the kid lets. They loved being a part of it...I think.

Christmas jammie time!!
Love this picture of the kids together in the Jammie's, unfortunately Ellie didn't want to participate in the picture.

In the morning before church we let the kids open stockings, and then we got them all ready for Church, and after got them back in the pajamas, because that's only way to open presents on Christmas day.
Notice Eliza is dressed differently, well lets just say the flu was running ramped Thur the Burnham home, and this was the night of the diarrhea part. She blew out 4 times that night, fortunately we got it cleaned so after Church we were able to put her back in it.
I think this is the closest Ellie and Eliza ever got....ha ha.
That dino was a huge hit amongst all the kids. Eliza picked it out at the dollar store, and my kids have probably played with it everyday.
And thats a quick run-thru of our Christmas back in Canada. I will try and post more pictures from the trip when I get a few extras minutes!