Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day!

Yep, I am going to post about how amazing my husband is!! Taylor is extremely dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to, whether it be family, school, callings...you name it. I am always so impressed with his willingness to help anyone and everyone out, without the slightest hesitation, or complaint. I knew before I married him that he would make an amazing husband and father...but he has even far exceeded what I thought. You should see the way the girls light up when there dad is around. If its not home, Madilyn just talks about him all day. When he leaves she cries, seriously almost every time. And Its so fun watching Eliza act the same way...she isn't old enough to go running out the door when daddy gets home, so she gets stuck behind the glass watching madilyn run into daddy's arms. She squeels with excitement, and then cries out of frustration that she can't get to him. Taylor is extremely patient with all of us, after putting in a stressful day of class and studying he still manages to come home happy and energetic ready to help take care of the girls before bed. I truly love Taylor so much for everything he has done, for being a worthy priesthood bearer, and taking care of his family. I know if the girls could say it in more words they would say how grateful they are to have such an amazing father!!

First time bringing Madilyn home from the hospital.

This was when Eliza was really sick last week.

Being a true Father...letting his daughter bejewel his face!

Life is amazing!

I love you Taylor Burnham, thank you for being the best husband and father!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eliza's 1st Birthday

The actual day of Eliza's birthday she was seriously so miserably sick that we decided to postpone her cake. We made the mistake though of trying to still get her to open presents, but she was clearly not in the mood. My poor little baby had a really bad fever for 6 days straight. I finally took her into the doctor on the 6th day and found out that she had really bad ear infections in both ears. Poor little girl, she honestly just clung to me for days. She would just snuggle up to me and sleep on my chest. I have to admit, I loved how much cuddles I got from her that week. But it absolutely broke my heart seeing how sick she was. She was such a trooper though. Any way, the morning of her birthday we pushed thru the presents, Madilyn pretty much opened and played with all of them while she sat back and watched. But after a very rough and sick day we decided we would wait on celebrating. Plus Nicole and Bobby were on there way to come visit so Taylor was gone that evening anyway. So after getting some antibiotics and such by Sunday she was pretty much back to herself. So I got to celebrate my birthday with Eliza. It was so much fun watching Eliza destroy her cupcake, and she loved every minute of it. I had a really hard time deciding on which pictures to post...so sorry if there is a lot!

The morning of her birthday, pretty much the ONLY smile I saw on her face all day. She was such a trooper!
Trying to enjoy her new gifts.

Celebrating a little late, but she didn't mind!
I think she thought it was really funny that we gave that to her and didn't stop her from enjoying it however she desired. So cute!!
And then she just shoved it into her face...I honestly don't know how she could breathe...

Once again looking over for approval that what she was doing was ok. She was lovin life, and kept laughing.
Madilyn really wanted to try it too, and we decided that would be just fine considering the wind blew her candles out on her birthday. She also enjoyed herself. And please don't judge my almost naked children...I hate getting food all over their clothes...plus we live in hawaii, it gets real hot!
Like I said, completely enjoying herself. We had so much fun watching her, and we were really happy Nicole and Bobby were able to be here for it. Its always so nice having family around!! And thanks for taking so many pics while you were here Nicole...that will be a post in the near future! Happy Birthday to my little 1 year old, like I said about Madilyn... I literally can't imagine life with out this little monkey..she makes things so much more fun and I just love her to pieces!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Madilyn's 3rd Birthday

Madilyn's Birthday was jam packed with things. We started the day off with opening her presents...and lets just say she is extremely spoiled. Thanks to grandma Crockett she was able to have her dream presents on her big day. She got a tangled barbie doll, Woody, and Buzz. All that a girl named Madilyn could ask for. She was honestly in heaven. She had been asking for a Buzz and Woody for months. So after that we headed into Honolulu to hit up the zoo, another thing Madilyn requested we did for her birthday. Eliza was pretty sick this whole day, she was really fevered and sad...but she was such a trouper, it was such a long day and she handled it very well. After the zoo, my camera didn't have any more batteries so I can't document it with pictures. But we did go back to Mike and Becca's place, had lunch, then we drove around while Madilyn and Eliza took naps, and Tay went surfing. Then we played at Wikiki beach, and then went for some Yogurtland. SO GOOD. Wish I could have gotten a picture of Madilyn's face after eating all that. All in all it was a wonderful day, Madilyn I think had lots of fun. She didn't have any temper tantrums, so that must mean it was good!!
Even though Eliza was sick she couldn't resist chasing the birds.
Bentley finally arrived, and then the went hand in hand running wild. They have so much fun together. So glad the Olsen family and my mom were able to join us!
Haha, she kept trying to stand up...but couldn't quite figure out how.
This monkey kept pounding on the glass at Bentley, it was so funny!!
See the monkey in the background just lounging around.
My Favorite picture, she loved the petting zoo. Can't say the goats enjoyed it all that much, especially with Bentley around. They all went into their sanctuary, and the minute he left they came back out. Haha, he tried riding one of them, and they really didn't like that. Wish i would have gotten a picture of that. But anyway, there is my big 3 year old. I sure love her and and so extremely grateful she came into our lives 3 years ago, I can't imagine life without her!! I love you Madilyn!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My good girl.

So the last few days we have been talking to Madilyn a TON about disneyland, we are not going for another year...but our family is obsessed with disneyland, so we like to start her young. And she has been so excited to go, everyday she asks me to get on the Disneyland website. So anyway...

I was sitting there talking to Madilyn, and I said to her, "Madilyn, if you could go and see anything in the world right now, what would it be"?

She sat there contemplating my question, and responded. "Jesus."

Here I was thinking for sure she was going to say Disneyland, but then she shocked me with an even more wonderful answer!! I love to hear these kinds of things come out of my little girls mouth.