Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project #1

So I have been busy lately working on some projects...I bought half of the things for my projects probably 2 months ago, and I finally went to the fabric store to get the rest of what I needed for it. Every time I do a little crafty project, I crave doing more!! So here is a little something I did today, I got the idea from my sister-in-law Maren. I got the frames from Michaels, and then covered them in fabric, ribbons and buttons and things. Also while I was making this, my hot glue gun decided to blow sparks at me, I had no idea they were capable of doing such things, but apparently they are...so just beware for your own safety while working with glue guns! So it isn't completely finished because it doesn't have the letters in them yet, but I will put up another picture once I have it up on the wall with the letters in it. By the way, it is for Eliza's room, so it will have the letters of her name in it. And the reason I chose the colors is because that is the colors of her room.

So this is the almost finished product...I am not all that crafty, so I was pleased with how it turned out!

And I thought this picture was really funny, Madilyn just watching a show before bed time with her dragon, it just looks like they are both enjoying the show!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LIFE...is crazy!

The stupid tac, notice I wasn't talking about the little tacs? Read the story for details.
Madilyn saying "cheese"
I love Madilyn's hair, and it is getting SO long!
Eliza being happy, for some reason whenever I take pictures while she is smiling it doesn't really look like she is smiling...but honestly she is so happy!
3 Months Old!

Well...the last few days I have been looking at Madilyn and wondering when it was that she grew up?? I seriously can't believe my little girl is getting so big...it is so crazy how fast they change! And now Eliza is already 3 months old, and she rolled over for the first time the other day (she hasn't done it since). So it has really been hitting me lately how much I need to start enjoying NOW, and not waiting for the next stage when things might be easier or better. Some days are so frustrating that I can't wait for it to be bedtime for the girls because I just need a break...and I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing that I need time to myself, its just that I need to enjoy life and be patient through the temper tantrums and all the fun stuff that comes along with being a mom, because before I know it, my girls will be all grown up!

Another thing that has been on mind lately is how much I need to rely on the Lord. Because life never goes as you plan or expect it will, it seems like we keep getting tossed about, never knowing what will happen and where our family will be. But He knows all, and I need to put my complete trust and faith in Him, that He will take us wherever we need to go, even if it isn't the place or the time we expected it to be in.

I have the most amazing husband ever, I feel truly blessed to have in my life. I honestly think he is one of the MOST hard working people I know. He has amazing faith, and I am just so grateful for his example, and the blessing it is to have him as my eternal companion. Sorry about all this stuff, its just what has been on my mind!

So on another note, a pretty scary one for me. I was babysitting my niece Charlie yesterday. She was playing around Madilyn's closet, which was fine because our house is pretty well baby proofed. She then crawled over to me and was laying on her tummy for a min and then all of a sudden I look over and she is all red in the face and trying to catch her breath. I immediately grabbed her and looked in her mouth to see if I could swipe whatever it was out of her mouth. What it looked like was a cheerio or something, but I couldn't see too good because it was so far back. But I attempted swiping anyway, but could barely touch it with my finger. At this point I just start praying half out loud half in my head. I hurried and flipped her over and just start hitting her back with the palm of my hand. Nothing was happening. I was really starting to panic, and then I thought she was starting to catch her breath ( I thought she finally swallowed whatever it was) then she let out a scream and started choking again. I got up to run to my fridge because there was an infant CPR guide on there, and then I was going to head to the door to start screaming for help. Haha I know I am such an idiot that i didn't already know what to do. Anyway, I pick her up and start to run as I keep beating on her back in a upward thrusting motion. And all of a sudden I see something fly out of her mouth and it hits the floor with a cling noise. She immediately calmed down, and I bend down to pick up whatever it was...well it was a thumb tac. What the heck!!! I had no idea where it even came from, I have never in my life even bought thumb tacs, so it must have been from whoever previously lived there. My guess is that it was along the sliding track for the closet doors and that is where she found it. I have no idea how the tac didn't puncture her throat, I just feel extremely grateful that she was able to get it out!! I was in such a mess after, I just called Taylor bawling because it scared me so bad. I felt so stupid having to explain to Matt and Tarilyn that I let their little girl choke on a tac. So I am pretty sure no one will ever want me to babysit their children again, but I am grateful that they were understanding and not upset about it!

A month or so ago Tarilyn and I talked about how we wanted to take a CRP course, well I definitely want to take one now. So if anyone knows of a good place to take those kind of course that would be awesome!

One other thing, I seriously can't figure out how to up the pictures throughout the blog, or at the end of my blog. They always just come up the beginning of the blog...it is really frustrating me. So if anyone has any helpful hints of how I can fix my problem, that would be awesome!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day weekend

So cute, they held hands everywhere!
Maren wanted a pic with her one true love...Chocolate
She loves dogs, and while we were on the walk she got to pet one
Pushing Ellie
I am so mad i cut off Taylor's head in this pic
Burnham Family walk1
Just playing around on the playground
All the boys and their mom!
Weenie Roast, Jax looks ticked!

Why yes I matched my girls...haha!

We were able to go down to Lacombe for Labor day weekend, as always it was a blast. It is always so fun getting together with all of Taylor's family in one house for a whole weekend, sometimes things get a little crazy with the kids, but this weekend it seem like everything went really smooth. One of the perks of course would be that we have Burnham family blessings on the Sunday of Labor day weekend, for the start of a new school year. We also went on walks, played at the park, had a weenie roast, talked, ate LOTS, and best of all we are starting a Burnham family Biggest Loser contest(there are 4 categories, strength, flexibility, Body Fat, Aerobic activity). The winner gets an all inclusive trip of their choice, we are super pumped about it. We all have 3 months to get in tip top shape! but here are just a few of the pics for our fun weekend! PS as you can tell from the pics, it was really cold...what else can I expect when I live in Canada!?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Early Morning Seminary

Well, we have made it through Taylor's first 2 days of teaching early morning seminary. Having come from a school that had seminary as a course during the day, I never thought I would have a husband who would have to teach seminary every morning at 6:30am!! Well the first day went like this...
4:40- Eliza wakes up to eat
5:15- I go back to bed
5:30- Taylor's alarm goes off
5:30-6:15- Taylor gets ready (which means no sleeping)
6:15- Madilyn wakes up crying, I go in to put her back down.
7:00- Madilyn wakes up for the day (I go into her room, and she is sitting there in only her diaper, with her sleeper next to her. And she keeps repeating..."coooold." I wonder why?)

So I was a little worried that this was going to be an everyday occurance. But thankfully Eliza didn't wake up until 7:15, and Madilyn didn't wake up until 7:45....that much I can handle! All in all we are excited about Taylor's new calling. He will be an amazing teacher, the youth are lucky to have him!

Other than Seminary, Eliza laughed for the first time 3 days ago...it was adorable to say the least. She hasn't laughed since, well she hasn't laughed that hard since.

I have been doing plenty of hair, but it is a good thing right now...because we can definately use the money right now. So I have been staying really busy raising two little girls, doing hair, and trying to keep our house in some kind of descent shape! So thats all for now!!