Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Monday, February 28, 2011

Burnham's visit Hawaii

Well this past week we had some visitors, we love visitors!! Christie got here a day earlier than Rob and Colette, so that day we mostly just hung out at home while Chris got some rest and then we headed out to get some shaved ice. Our theme song that day was Justin Biebers Baby song. And yes, Madilyn was full blown singing along. It was hilarious, she kept requesting it over and over again.

Even Eliza loved the shaved ice, she got lots of sugar while Christie, Grandpa and Grandma were here.
Madilyn at granny and grandpa's place, just eating some nachos before heading to the beach. She looks like a little diva in this picture.

So I thought Eliza was asleep in here stroller so I walked down to take some pictures...I turned around and this is what I saw. She was just peeking out trying to see what was going on.
So naturally I had to get closer to get a cute picture of my little monkey.
we did what all tourists do...the Polynesian Cultural Center. It is always so fun having visitors because this is stuff I don't get to do on a day to day basis.
Granny wouldn't go in the water, so Madilyn was trying to push her in.
Granny and Eliza

Madilyn and her best pal Grandpa

Out of order pictures, back at the PCC. Christie being a little naughty!
Waiting for the Tonga show to start.
She insisted on sitting on her own bench, this was before it started filling up.
She got really into the show, waving her hands, chanting etc...until she saw grandpa coming with "chwes cweam" (ice cream)...then she lost all interest in the show.

Eliza took a face plant in the sand, as she does everytime we go to the beach...she here is a picture of many to come.

Last but not least, Madilyn decided to start potty training while they were visiting...so Grandpa and Granny got her a bike for her potty training/birthday since they won't be here for it. She loves her bike so much, this was right after she woke up in the morning and saw her bike.

I didn't take near as many pictures as I should have, but I will try and get some from Colette since she took lots!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Potty Training

This is probably not the most exciting post in the world, but it is for us! It is mostly for my own journaling purposes and those family members who care and are not able to be around for all of it!

Well, the time has finally come for potty training. For the last few months I have been begging and pleading with Madilyn to try and go potty on the toilet. But my child is EXTREMELY stubborn and would not have it any way but her own, and you cant physically force your child to go on the toilet. So I have tried waiting patiently, giving lots of encouragement and promising her a bike it she would just go once on the potty. Well, on Monday just before Christie was going to leave to the airport we could tell Madilyn was getting ready to go #2 in her diaper (we know all the signs) so Taylor asked her if she wanted to go potty on the toilet, and she said yes. But that wasn't a big surprise because she often sits on the toilet, but never does anything on it. So he sets her on and then tells her he will shut the door and let her go alone. Well a few seconds later we hear, "I DID IT" and sure enough the evidence was there!!! We were all SO SO SO pumped, because she is 2 years and 9 months old and that was the VERY first time she has gone on the potty. She of course we had to go thru with our promise and go get her a bike. It was 5pm and we all drove into Honolulu, a 1 hr. drive. We got her a bike, and she could hardly stand the excitement of it all. We got home really late because we were dropping Christie off. She has been training like a dream, we put her straight away in big girl undies and she only had 1 #1 accident the first day, and the second day she did nearly perfect. So lets see how today goes. And I do put a pull up on her for naps and bedtime, I have no idea how to potty train for naps and bed time...so if anyone has any great advice for that I would really appreciate it. She usually wakes up dry after naps, but never during the night. Anyway, that is our very exciting news for the week!!! Finally!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the very next day she rode her bike with training wheels all day long, and in the morning she had no idea how to get the bike moving, and now she can do it all by herself. I am so impressed with how well she has been progressing and learning so quickly. And out of nowhere she can count to 10 perfectly!

Next I will post pictures from Rob, Colette, and Christies visit here to Hawaii!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day
Well, like everyone else I want to express my love for my amazing husband
and two beautiful little girls. I can honestly say that Taylor is my very best friend, and there is no other person I would rather spend my life with than him! I am so grateful for all he does for me, and for our little girls. Life is sometimes crazy, but I am so excited that he is the one I get to go thru it with. But here are a few pics of our little girls and Taylor tonight!

I feel so blessed, look at my amazing little family...I love them SO much!
Note the blanket...it is definitely because it was cold out, we were trying to protect the girls from mosquitoes!

These pictures are from yesterday...I couldn't help but post pictures of my little girls too!
They were looking at daddy, they love him so much!
Madilyn is honestly so good with Eliza, they are already starting to play together and laugh together!!! Love!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bath time...

Okay, so our new place here in Hawaii does not have a bath tub...it really stinks. So Madilyn absolutely loves bath time, so we decided to get her super pumped about taking showers instead, which worked. But while my mom was here Eliza was in need of a bath, so my mom cleaned out the kitchen sink and gave her a bath in there. Well Madilyn thought that was super awesome, and wanted to get in so so bad, but I wouldn't let her. Well the other day she was begging Taylor for a bath in the sink, and he decided to let her because he was trying to leave for the day and thought she would not freak out if she got a bath. So he cleaned the sink and put her in.
It looks hilarious with her in the sink because she is way too big for it. But I thought well, I guess I should give Eliza a bath too since the sink is all cleaned now, and I who knows how long Madilyn will stay in here. So I decided to quickly throw Eliza in with her. Haha
Luckily for us, the sink is pretty big...but lets just say it was a bit tight, and both the girls thought it was great!!

As for other news, Eliza is officially a crawler. It is honestly so adorable, I have a video of her crawling on her first day of it. I will post it next time for my family who is interested to see!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wikiki Weekend & more

So this past weekend we got together with Mike and Becca. First we met up at their place, that is downtown Wikiki and had some lunch and met new baby Jackson. He is so stinkin cute, so mad I didn't get a picture of him. But after awhile of chatting and getting ready for the beach very slowly, we finally got going. So we headed down to the beach and played for a few hours. It was so fun to catch up with the Olsen's, we missed them. Madilyn and Bentley are still little buddies. So we also made a list of things we want to do while we are here this time in Hawaii, and every Saturday we plan on accomplishing one of those things with Mike and Becca. So I am sure you will see lots of pictures to come. But for now, this was our week.
Madilyn and Bentley together again, these two love eachother. We honestly loved getting them back together to play!! Right after this picture was taken they started dumping piles on sand on eachothers heads.
This is good old Wikiki, it is always so crowded there, but the beach is really nice because it is so calm, all the waves are on the North shore right now. Becca is in the background sitting with baby Jackson!

Hard at work buiding a bridge or something along those lines with Mike and Bentley.
The sun absolutely exhausted Eliza, she passed out in the stroller for about an hour, it was awesome. Oh and we made Madilyn miss her nap so we could spend the day there, it actually went really well.

This is what happens on the car ride home after spending hours in the sun and missing a nap. It was great to hear silence in the car from both girls!!

We came home to this little guy living in our house, at first he was in the kitchen, then he moved to live in Madilyn's room. Our own little gecko!

These next pictures were at Temples Beach, in Laie.
Madilyn loves being buried in the sand, she for some reason calls it "baby"...I guess because she has to lay down?

This is actually at Temples beach earlier that week.

She is just getting around, not sure how yet, but she gets where she wants to go.
Madilyn's room, soon to be Eliza's room as well
This is the view from part of the living room into Madilyn's room. More pictures to come of our house!