Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012


Madilyn: 3 years 8 months

Madilyn is getting so smart and independent. She is a very controlling little girl, Taylor says she gets it from me, but who knows. No joke when I say she is the ruler of our building, we have about 5 kids under her command. She is the oldest, and by far the most controlling, so she ends up telling all the other kids what to do, and they just follow around after her. But its so funny, because we go to the building next to us and she is suddenly the one tagging along and trying to fit in...I guess I should say that is how it is when the older elementary kids are home from school. It really is so fun living in TVA where she has a million little friends around at all times. We will be walking to the laundry room and I will here little kids yelling out, "HI MADILYN." She really loves it here.

Her other thing is whenever something breaks, we run out of something, or if she asks for something that we don't already have, she quickly reminds me that, "its okay, we can just get it at the store." She knows practically everything can be bought now, and she will frequently ask for money or our credit cards...YIKES!

She has also been learning the consequences of lying...I sure can't tell you how much glad I will be when the day comes that Eliza can tell me what Madilyn has done to her. In the end she almost always confesses after being threatened of something being taken away, or after being in time out.

But most of all, she is just a good girl. She wants to help, and really is such a good sister (besides the daily hits and kicks) She is SO curious, and wants to know what every word means. And she has a FANTASTIC memory...now if I could get her to be more curious to learn all her letters!

ELIZA: 1 year 8 months

Eliza is so funny. She has gotten into the "NO" stage, where everything she says is no, sometimes she even says it to things she wants without realizing it, and then she throws a fit if we put that something away. But the funny thing is, whenever she has a meltdown, we just laugh at her. She tries to be threatening and scary, but it doesn't work. Like I said, we just laugh at her instead. Don't get me wrong, somethings at the store when she decides she does not want to sit in the cart anymore, that can be really annoying.

She loves to get her own diapies and wipies, she will run and grab them out of the drawer and bring them to me, and then realize she made a mistake that she really didn't want to have to lay down and get changed, and then she will run for her life and kick and scream the whole change. She is also SO good about throwing things away, all you say is, "Eliza, can you go throw that in the garbage?" and she will go running. Madilyn even has her working for her.

Eliza is now fully in learning how to talk phase. She is practically try and word you throw at her. And she can almost always say what she wants, sometimes it can all sound pretty similar...but when you are around it all day, you start to learn! We love trying to get her to say long or hard words. Our favourite is asking her to say, "French toast," its sounds like, "freeesssh toe."

She absolutely loves her sister, and will do anything she is doing. Sometimes, Madilyn will try and make her do things she doesn't want to, which never ends good. Oh and one of her all time favourite things, Mike Tompkins. If you don't know who he is, look him up on youtube. Our girls love him, and Eliza asks for "Mike" on a regular basis. SO funny!

Anyway, there is just a little update on my girls!


Well, its official...Taylor has been accepted to Medical School. It has been almost 5 years now since we started our journey together, and we have been pushing in this direction the whole time. Taylor has worked extremely hard to get to this point, and with God, we finally made it. It is still so surreal that he has finally gotten in, and I feel so blessed the Heavenly Father has brought us to this point in our life. He really has guided and directed our path.

So Taylor graduates from BYUH on April 14th, and then we are going to hang out here until the 21st and then fly to disneyland before going back to Canada to pack up and move everything we own down to Arizona. Taylor starts school on July 9th, so we don't have much of a summer, but thats okay. We are so excited for the future, I am a little nervous with how extremely busy he is going to be, and wondering how often we are going to see him after he starts. But Heavenly Father has brought us this far, I need to continue to follow and put all my trust and faith in him. I know there are hard times ahead, so i need to just keep remembering that!

I am honestly going to try and set a goal of posting on the blog once a week, hopefully more...I just want to make sure that I am remembering and saving all our memories and funny little stories that happen in our lives. So here is to more blogging!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Since Taylor had the day off on Monday we decided to drive out to Ko Olina Aulani Disney Resort. It was so fun, they have a great lagoon for beach time, and best of all free Character greetings. I think Madilyn was in heaven, she would get so excited to see Mickey or whoever it was that half hour, but then she would get to them and be so shy. Oh well, I think they had fun still. As for Eliza, she wanted to see them, but the minute we got close to them she would start bawling! Haha so funny!!! So here are just a few pics!