Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our everyday..pretty much...

While this little girl was mad because she got wet, and went everywhere to avoid me with the camera...

This other little girl splashed and played with the hose and loved it...

We pretty much play in the pool or with the hose every single day, as long as we don't have rain. i am going to miss these beautiful Hawaiian days, I guess instead we will go to scorching hot Arizona days.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kite Flying

So this past saturday we finally had a little bit of sunshine?? well it was more like, we a had a few hours of no rain. So we decided to get out the kite. The kids LOVED it. It was actually a little too windy and started ripping apart the kite. And yes it was totally like stepping on a sponge the whole time, but we had fun!
This was after flying kites for awhile. now the are "feeding" the fishies...also known as putting in leaves for the other leaves to eat.
Helping to get the kite in the air.
Eliza took a fall onto the street the other day, and was left with the little beauty next to her eye.

Madilyn was laughing hysterically while she held the string.

She loved it!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pouring Rain

Well, the floods have gotten worse. This one is a picture of the field in front of BYU. It is normally all grass, its now a lake...no joke. This happened really fast too. I mean its been pouring for a couple weeks now, but it started coming down HARD this morning.
In Front of our house, notice how the sidewalk is completely gone? Pictures just don't do it justice with how fast the river was rushing.
Again, another picture of the field in front of BYU and our house. The water extends across the entire field. IT really does look just like a lake.
That is our house in the background, the second on the left side of pic.

NO sidewalk or road anymore.

Shows someone trying to cross the road.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well we have officially entered rainy season...Sunday we got 9 inches of rain, and let me tell you it was raining long before that, and its still raining. But today we got about an hour of some sun, so we went out and enjoyed the puddles. I wish I would have taken some pics from the other day when the drains were backed up. The girls were up to their knees playing in the water between parking lots. So anyway, here is a few pics of them splashing! I did have clothes on them before, but I removed them so I could cause myself perhaps a little less laundry.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New house

So not a lot of stuff has been happening this week. I have mostly been staying really busy trying to get ready for the move, taking lots of pictures of our stuff and posting it on a moving blog. I am getting super pumped to move. Rob and Colette just bought a house last week in Mesa for us to live in while he is going to school out there, and then they will use it when they "retire" Here is the little beauty we will be living in for the next 1-8 years depending on where we feel inspired to go after the first year!


We are so excited at the possibility of staying there for more than just he one year!!