Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My girls!!

My Happy little girl!! This was taken a couple of weeks ago.

Madilyn's new thing she likes to do it help feed Eliza, it was so funny, and everything I tried to help, I got my hand slapped.


Madilyn is a very high strong active two year old. She definitely keeps me on my toes, and there is never a dull moment when she is up and about. She doesn't let me put anything in her hair, she takes off her clothes all the time, she loves to get dirty, and she loves to play with cars, but at the same time she loves playing with her dolls and loves to put on my jewelry. So I am not so sure what exactly you would classify her as other than just a two year old. She honestly is so much fun, there is nothing better than to hear her laugh. She can throw a wicked tantrum, and when that happens it is best to just clear out and pray that it is not in public...which most of the time it is. Once Madilyn has made up her mind about something, nothing I mean NOTHING is going to stop her from getting whatever it is that she wants. (Just as I was typing, she came up to me to show me that she was eating a crayon, I am such a good mom haha)We can't imagine life without her, she is an amazing little girl!


Eliza so far has been an extremely easy baby, she is so calm and has a beautiful presence about her. She just started smiling a couple weeks ago, and I tell you what, it just melts my heart to see her smile. I honestly don't know if I have ever seen a more smiley baby, you will not even be looking at her and then you hear this coo and you look down and she just has the sweetest smile on her face. You can almost ALWAYS get her to smile. So I know I have gone on and on about her smiling, but you wouldn't believe me unless you held her and saw for yourself. So far we think she will be a very calm and happy little girl. She has been such a joy to have as our new addition to the family. We can't even imagine life without her either now.

So pretty much we think we have to most beautiful and best little girls ever. As I am sure every parent/grandparent think they have. But I truly do feel blest to have these two amazing little girls in my life, and that Heavenly Father has given me the blessing and opportunity to be there mother!

So here is a little video of my girls, Madilyn doesn't come in until the end of it, but just watch for this one part where she leans over and tells eliza a little secret, i have no idea what she says but it was pretty cute!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well the week I have been dreading all summer has finally arrived....Taylor and all his brothers and dad are going for a week long fishing trip in Southern Alberta. I was so excited for him to be able to go, but at the same time I am absolutely petrified about being alone with my children for an entire week with absolutely no help or relief from anyone. Every time I started thinking about it i would get a pit in my stomach. Ya I know it sounds pretty dramatic, but I am so freaked out of staying in our house all alone at night...we have way too many windows for people to see in, and our house makes lots of scary noises, and my mind likes to play nasty little tricks on me. So after convincing Tarilyn to stay in Edmonton for the week, instead of going to southern Alberta as well to stay with her family...I feel a tad bit more comfortable staying in the house when I know Tarilyn and little Charlie are down stairs. Now its just the test of my patience with Madilyn this week, she has really been on one lately, and I sure hope I can endure this week!!! Ahhhhh...well here goes nothing, wish me luck I will need it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Update

Just a few pictures that I took of Madilyn the other day! She looks so grown up!

Maren took all the pictures of Eliza, she did amazing...there are more pictures on facebook if you are interested in seeing more!

She started getting hungry in the middle of the shoot!

A few mommy daughter pics!

I was shocked that she was sleeping for this part.

She was able to kinda catch Eliza smiling...I will definately put up more pics to come of her smiling, it is so sweet!

This picture looks so much like my sister Cami did as a baby...at least I think so, and Cortni agrees with me!!

So I guess it is about that time again that I write. So Eliza is officially a 2 month old, it really is amazing how fast time flies. A few days ago Maren came over to hang out and she took some pictures of our beautiful little Eliza, I was so excited at how awesome they turned out...considering Eliza really isn't the most photogenic. She is also so full of smiles now, it is adorable!! Well, for those of you that have been wondering about Eliza and her eyes...we finally took her to the doctor, and we have been referred to a Pediatric Opthomologist. So now we just wait to hear from them to get an appointment. Our doctor said since we caught it so early, it should be a quick fix (not sure what exactly a quick fix is). And for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, Eliza has what we like to call "googly eyes." She actually just goes cross eyed a lot, and I wasn't overly concerned about it, but it didn't seem to be getting any better so we thought we should get it checked out...probably a good thing we did.
As for news with our little bossy two year old....she is doing amazing as well. The last few weeks she has been acting up a bit, we would like to blame it on a growth spurt or something...but she is probably just being a typical 2 year old. But it has been more that just temper tantrums, she is tired all the time. She sleeps 12 hours a night, and then a 2-3 hour nap during the day. So if any of you have kids 2 years or older, is there some growth spurt or teething that happens around this time?
Taylor takes him MCAT today, I think we are both just ready for it to be over with. We not only have been praying that he does well, but that we will be able to accept whatever the outcome is, and follow with Faith whatever Heavenly Father wants us to do or where he wants us to go. So I will keep everyone updated . Thank you for all of your love and support!