Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Happenings

So here are a few pictures to sum up what we have been doing this fall.  The weather is FINALLY starting to cool off, I think we are in the low 90s now.  

So Madilyn had fall break from Preschool and dance so we decided to go to grandmas house in Prescott.  They have a cousin named Bentley that lives out there too, and they always enjoy playing with her.  So here they are watching a movie in the laundry room.

This is Goldwater lake, its a beautiful place.  I want to go camping there next summer.


We also went mini golfing, and this is what eliza did most of the time, or she would just take her ball and throw it down the "tunnels" or just the plain old hole.

Madilyn on the other hand took golfing a little more serious and actually worked on hitting the ball in.  This hole she actually got a hole in one!

We also discovered that all my old beanie babies and my brothers were in storage at my moms house.  Needless to say, I think they were a hit.  We had like 20 or more together, so they were seriously in heaven.  We played lots of "vet"

My mom sent us home with cupcakes, and all the cute chocolate moldings she made to put on top.  So we decorated them, and the girls loved it!

Taylor even got into the spirit!

Madilyn practicing some new faces...

Taylors school was having founders day, so they had tons of blow up stuff and cotton candy of course. It was a lot of fun.

Ok, so I put a bunch of Madilyn skateboarding because she is turning into such a goof and loves to practice making new faces!









I will have you know that she made everyone of those faces and hand motions herself without any promptings at all.  What a goof!

WE had to hit up the farm of course, unfortunately I could't get a good shot of the kids on this because I was riding with Eliza and Madilyn insisted on the front.

Giant blow up pillow, always a hit.


Ok, so this video didn't work...waaa waaaa


They loved practicing miking the cow, especially Madilyn.



Corn maze. we were having a great time when I walk past and I hear Madilyn scream there is a spider.  I look up and there is a massive web with a HUGE spider in it  I didn't really enjoy it much after that because I was constantly in fear of running strait into a spider.



Well there we have it! Life is good! By the way, my camera is broken so all i have is my iPhone camera.  I am grateful for it, but so so sad about my camera.  So if anyone has any great tips or know any good companies that fix canon cameras that would be wonderful!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Potty Training Fun

Well I don't have a whole lot to update, but here is some exciting news.  The other day I was in the kitchen, but I could hear Eliza in the bathroom flushing the toilet and just rustling around in there.  Next thing I hear is, "mom I go potty."  And sure enough I heard the "tinkle." I went running in there only to confirm that she had actually gone on the potty for the very first time, without any prompting from me.  WEll, of course I praised her like no other, and she has been going on the potty for about 5 days now.  I still leave pull ups on her for naps and night.  She has 3 accidents.  But yesterday we were in the car going to this great park, and she said that she had to go potty.  We then pleaded with her to try and wait until we got to the park so she could go potty there.  ONce we got there she didn't want to go anymore, well she ended up "holding it" or forgetting it for like 2 1/2 hours, then when we got home she went potty in the toilet.

Its so weird because I will be honest, with both of my girls I didn't have to do any "training."  They both just kinda decided on their own.  I mean, I have been encouraging her for the last 6 months or so to go on the potty, but she would always sit for two seconds then say all done.  Same thing with Madilyn.  So In the world of being a mommy, this is some pretty cool stuff!!  I promise I will have a more exciting update in probably the next 3 weeks (no I am not pregnant).  So stayed tuned....

And I leave you with a few pictures of what we have been up to in this dry hot land we call home.

Superstition Springs Farm

Eliza, being Eliza.  She told me that they are "dancing"

Painting pigs

A lot of this going on...

Taylor had his second final, so after he was able to come home a little early for the very first time since he started school over 3 months ago.  So we went to this great park called Freestone park.