Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miss Bossy pants

Madilyn sitting down to watch Rio, she asked me not to press play yet because she likes watching the little introduction part. So this is after letting it run through a few times.

Madilyn: "press play."
Me: "Thats not how you ask me."
Madilyn: "Press play, Now."

Ummmm ya, not exactly what I was looking for. After saying to her again, Madilyn thats not how you ask me. She clued in and said, "Press play please." Much better! She is really good at always saying thank you without being reminded, but she really struggles with using her manners and saying please. She always says it once I remind her, but usually only then.
Kinda made me laugh. Miss bossy pants. Did I mention how controlling she is with eliza, I guess thats to be expected...but still.

Madilyn is obsessed with the word WHY. She asks me why about something, I will explain to her why, and then she says, "but why mom." Then I explain in a different way, assuming she didn't understand my first explanation, then she continues to ask why again. And so forth, and so forth. I love to see her curiousity, but it so hard always trying to come up with answers to everything, and explaining them 10 different ways.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Who knew that Hawaii had a pumpkin patch?? Well in all honesty, I am not too sure they grew them there. As we were exiting the area I spotted an area with crates and boxes full of pumpkins, so I am pretty sure they just scattered them everywhere. So only in Hawaii you will have the price of the pumpkin determined by who is working, and what they think its worth. No real system, just giving it a guess. So we would show them a pumpkin, and they would say, "Uhhh $7.00." or "for that one, 8...no $9.00." Drives me a little crazy, oh well that just how they roll in Hawaii.

So we made the mistake of forgetting cash, luckily we had our good friends Franco and Emma with us to spot us enough for a pumpkin for a least Madilyn. They were very generous, considering it made it so they could only get one too. Thanks Franco and Emma, you guys are the best.

They had a petting zoo, but since we didn't have the cash...we didn't get to pet. The girls were dying to get in there.

Madilyn Getting down to Business...we just bought her that hoodie because she has been cold. Yes believe it or not, we have been cold lately. I think we have definitely adjusted to the change in weather, because we now can tell difference in Fall weather here, whereas the year before we didn't really feel the change.
Only in Hawaii will they have a talking bird as you walk by...just hanging in the trees all by itself telling people hello and goodbye as the walk by. Super random, but I must say very entertaining!
When Eliza saw the pumpkins she ran to the first one she could get to and tried to pick it up, and continued trying for the next 5 mins before she realized there were more pumpkins.

Still trying...
Then I decided I needed some cute pictures of the girls in the pumpkins, it didn't last long...and they definitely were not going to let me get one of them together.

Cute little girls...

Madilyn didn't last long.

And off she went, isn't her hair beautiful?? I can't believe how long it is, I don't even notice how much its grown until I look at pictures of here a year ago.

Look closely my friends, that is Beautiful ocean on one side, and beautiful mountain on the other. Not a better place to have a pumpkin patch in my opinion! Great view, so much more beautiful in person!
The only picture I got of them standing by eachother.
Finally a pumpkin just her size to pick up.
And then it began, pumpkin sitting. I swear they tried to sit on everyone there.

If you sit on enough pumpkins, eventually this will happen...

Group shot, minus Eliza and me of course. With our good friends Franco and Emma

bye pumpkin patch!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny Girl

Madilyn has been really excited about letters lately. Yes I know, she is 3 years old and she is finally showing some interest in learning her letters. This is very exciting to us because we have tried for months if not years to get her interested in learning. She still has half the alphabet to learn, but its coming along. But today she was looking thru her journal and pointed out the letters which I explained to her, when you put a bunch of letters together, they make words, and thats what we use to talk. So this is the conversation we just had as she looked thru her journal.

Madilyn: Mom, did you do that?

Me: Yes Madilyn I did.

Madilyn: All by yourself?! (In amazement)

Me:Yep, I did.

Madilyn: Wow mom, thats really cool!!

She makes me feel pretty awesome sometimes...other times...not so much, like this time.

There was a beach chair sitting out on our lawn, she wanted me to sit on it, and then she wanted to sit side by side with me. Well this chair definitely wasn't big enough. So explain, "No Madilyn, mommy's bum is too big to fit on the chair with you." Which now has turned into, "Mommy has a BIG bum!" with uncontrollable giggles to follow. And she says it all the time too!

Or the time we dropped Celeste off at the airport, and Madilyn insisted that Daddy turn the car around to drop me off at the airport too. When I asked her if she wanted me to leave, she said, "YES" and then I said, do you want me to go for a year? Her reply, "YES." She loves me right????

And these other things are just for me to remember, I was holding her blanket and she ran up to me and said, "mom, don't let the blanket drag." This is funny only because I constantly remind her to pick up her blanket so it doesn't drag. It is quite amazing how much she listens to, and soaks up everything we say.

We also were driving by a boat, and she said, "look a boat" then with a short pause, "It's AMAZING." She sure is funny, I love listening to her talk!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My children are seriously adorable sometimes, as all moms will probably say about their own child. But seriously, yesterday Eliza did something that just amazed me.

We were all sitting down in the living room, and I had a picture of Christ. (the one where he is standing at the door knocking) Anyway, it was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall since we haven't hung it yet. Eliza walked over to the picture, looked at it for a min, pointed right at Jesus's face and exclaimed "jeeze." She was so excited with a smile on her face. I honestly wanted to cry, because yes it is a name we talk about in our home. But we haven't really stood in front of a lot of pictures and told her Jesus everytime, or even at all that I can remember. Maybe we have, and we can't remember. Anyway, it was so amazing to me that I little 15 month old that can barely say anything, can recognize a familiar loving face, and even attempt to say his name. It really was a precious moment. I love being a mom more than anything!

As for my other wonderful child. It is so cool to teach Madilyn something about the gospel, something I don't really think she will understand, but I explain anyway. Only to hear her talking about it days, weeks, months later. She is really into asking the "why" question. She really loves hearing stories about Jesus walking on water, or Nephi getting the gold plates. Life truly is amazing, and I am so grateful for my children and my awesome husband who also teaches them so much. They are all such examples to me. Love life!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Island Trip

Okay, it is definitely time to update. I just hate getting so far behind that you know its going to take ages to catch up. And the thing is, for awhile there I felt like I had nothing to blog about (no pictures) So I just didn't do it. So I am going to blame it on moving and getting settled to try and make myself feel better about taking so long to update. But I will also post pics of our new little place once I get it decorated and such. As for now, I will update on our trip to the Big Island.

This trip I swear has been planned since at least November or something. My step dad has a time share out there and invited all our family to join. I was so looking forward to this trip because I was getting to meet my two nieces for the very first time. And let me tell you, they are adorable, I can honestly say if I wasn't taking care of one of my kids, I was holding one of their kids. But can you blame me, look at these two cuties!

This is Maren Oltrogge, she is 9 weeks old in this picture, and she looks a lot like her daddy here, I think!
This is Ellie Avis Johnson, and she is 4 months here, and I think she looks just like Cortni
Naturally we started the trip off with some awesome shaved ice. It was in the town of Kailua, Kona area...it is actually one of the places that actually got hit by the latest tsunami.
There was a shark siting sign out while we were there, needless to say, we only looked at the water and enjoyed our yummy treat!
We went to church in Waimea, and then after drove around the island just sight seeing! It has been a very long time since we have had a picture of all of us together like this.
This is the spot where a very devastating Tsunami hit back in 1949, a school yard sat close to this location and all the kids were looking at the ocean because it had receded back so far, which at the time they didn't know that meant a tsunami was about to hit. I can't remember the death toll, but it was very sad! The ocean was wild too, just crashing like crazy, so I can only imagine what it looked like.

She loved feeding and cuddling the babies, lets just say I was asked numerous times these past weeks to have another baby.
They are so stinkin cute!
The only pic of us before zip lining

We spent a lot of our time at the pool, it was so nice there.
We explored the Hilton, and it was HUGE. We took the boat to get around faster.
Madilyn is really into making silly faces right now.
The sign said, "please do not sit or stand on artwork." we told my mom, but she didn't seem to care. And Madilyn was happy that she didn't.
Just cuddling with baby Maren
Sweet baby Maren
Feeding little Ellie!
Will she be a thumb sucker? We shall see....
Next post I will put up pics of the fam visiting Oahu. And took some cute pics of my cute nieces!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Miracles happen! So this past week we found out that we got into on campus housing...which we were SO excited about. But then we found out that it wasn't until Sept. 10, which was still great, besides the fact that we were moving out of our house in two days, and once we told our new landlords that we would only need their place for 2 months, they quickly changed their minds and dropped us. It was a little strange because they were the ones that originally wanted a month to month lease..I am pretty sure 2 months would fit in that catagory...but oh well. So this was going to leave us homeless for 2 months. We were looking everywhere for housing and everything kept falling through. We were starting to get discuraged and were considering flying me back to the mainland with the girls while taylor lived in a tent. This was our last option left. I ended up talking to a good friend of mine, which led her to giving us a name of someone that might be able to help us out. We emailed him, and within 24 hours we got a notice that we could move into on-campus housing next week(just so you know, its never that easy)!!! What a relief, if anyone has any idea how much money that is going to save us, not to mention we won't be homeless!!!!!!!! Pure bliss is what we feel!!! I really do know that Heavenly Father takes care of us, and is completely aware of our situation..even when we think all is lost, and there is nothing that will work out...it somehow always does. So anyway, like I said, we moved out of our house July 1st, and today is the 8th, so you might be wondering where we are right now. Well we did find one place to sub-lease on TVA housing until July 13th...the same day we move into our new place. The only thing with sub-leasing, the owners leave everything in it while they are gone. So all of their stuff+ all our entire house = hoarders! I know what you are all thinking, we need to be on the next episode of hoarders. Well let me tell you what, I am going CRAZY living in a house that looks like this. But we have no where else to store all our belongings. So our 2 bedroom apartment we are sub leasing is more like a 1 bedroom. Needless to say, Madilyn and Eliza got the room, Taylor and I got a blow up mattress in the living room. Haha what an adventure as Taylor likes to say! I wish I was as positive!
So what do you think?? Horrid right? haha, oh did I mention the family we are sub leasing from the husband makes surf boards...which would be the reason half the room is taken by their stuff. Oh well, its really not the end of the world, its kinda funny looking at it now. And if you were wondering about all our big things like couches, tables, desks etc....they are sitting in a old rundown greenhouse where I am sure every critter on this island is making it their new home. Trust me, another thing we had no control over...and I try hard not to think about it. But we are going to toss the couch, since they have them already in our new place...as for our other furniture...there is clorox wipes right?? Ahhh, I need to stop thinking about it! Anyway, we are super grateful that we are getting in next week. God is so good to us, we feel so blessed!!! Yay for not being homeless!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day!

Yep, I am going to post about how amazing my husband is!! Taylor is extremely dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to, whether it be family, school, callings...you name it. I am always so impressed with his willingness to help anyone and everyone out, without the slightest hesitation, or complaint. I knew before I married him that he would make an amazing husband and father...but he has even far exceeded what I thought. You should see the way the girls light up when there dad is around. If its not home, Madilyn just talks about him all day. When he leaves she cries, seriously almost every time. And Its so fun watching Eliza act the same way...she isn't old enough to go running out the door when daddy gets home, so she gets stuck behind the glass watching madilyn run into daddy's arms. She squeels with excitement, and then cries out of frustration that she can't get to him. Taylor is extremely patient with all of us, after putting in a stressful day of class and studying he still manages to come home happy and energetic ready to help take care of the girls before bed. I truly love Taylor so much for everything he has done, for being a worthy priesthood bearer, and taking care of his family. I know if the girls could say it in more words they would say how grateful they are to have such an amazing father!!

First time bringing Madilyn home from the hospital.

This was when Eliza was really sick last week.

Being a true Father...letting his daughter bejewel his face!

Life is amazing!

I love you Taylor Burnham, thank you for being the best husband and father!!