Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miss Bossy pants

Madilyn sitting down to watch Rio, she asked me not to press play yet because she likes watching the little introduction part. So this is after letting it run through a few times.

Madilyn: "press play."
Me: "Thats not how you ask me."
Madilyn: "Press play, Now."

Ummmm ya, not exactly what I was looking for. After saying to her again, Madilyn thats not how you ask me. She clued in and said, "Press play please." Much better! She is really good at always saying thank you without being reminded, but she really struggles with using her manners and saying please. She always says it once I remind her, but usually only then.
Kinda made me laugh. Miss bossy pants. Did I mention how controlling she is with eliza, I guess thats to be expected...but still.

Madilyn is obsessed with the word WHY. She asks me why about something, I will explain to her why, and then she says, "but why mom." Then I explain in a different way, assuming she didn't understand my first explanation, then she continues to ask why again. And so forth, and so forth. I love to see her curiousity, but it so hard always trying to come up with answers to everything, and explaining them 10 different ways.