Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny Girl

Madilyn has been really excited about letters lately. Yes I know, she is 3 years old and she is finally showing some interest in learning her letters. This is very exciting to us because we have tried for months if not years to get her interested in learning. She still has half the alphabet to learn, but its coming along. But today she was looking thru her journal and pointed out the letters which I explained to her, when you put a bunch of letters together, they make words, and thats what we use to talk. So this is the conversation we just had as she looked thru her journal.

Madilyn: Mom, did you do that?

Me: Yes Madilyn I did.

Madilyn: All by yourself?! (In amazement)

Me:Yep, I did.

Madilyn: Wow mom, thats really cool!!

She makes me feel pretty awesome sometimes...other times...not so much, like this time.

There was a beach chair sitting out on our lawn, she wanted me to sit on it, and then she wanted to sit side by side with me. Well this chair definitely wasn't big enough. So explain, "No Madilyn, mommy's bum is too big to fit on the chair with you." Which now has turned into, "Mommy has a BIG bum!" with uncontrollable giggles to follow. And she says it all the time too!

Or the time we dropped Celeste off at the airport, and Madilyn insisted that Daddy turn the car around to drop me off at the airport too. When I asked her if she wanted me to leave, she said, "YES" and then I said, do you want me to go for a year? Her reply, "YES." She loves me right????

And these other things are just for me to remember, I was holding her blanket and she ran up to me and said, "mom, don't let the blanket drag." This is funny only because I constantly remind her to pick up her blanket so it doesn't drag. It is quite amazing how much she listens to, and soaks up everything we say.

We also were driving by a boat, and she said, "look a boat" then with a short pause, "It's AMAZING." She sure is funny, I love listening to her talk!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My children are seriously adorable sometimes, as all moms will probably say about their own child. But seriously, yesterday Eliza did something that just amazed me.

We were all sitting down in the living room, and I had a picture of Christ. (the one where he is standing at the door knocking) Anyway, it was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall since we haven't hung it yet. Eliza walked over to the picture, looked at it for a min, pointed right at Jesus's face and exclaimed "jeeze." She was so excited with a smile on her face. I honestly wanted to cry, because yes it is a name we talk about in our home. But we haven't really stood in front of a lot of pictures and told her Jesus everytime, or even at all that I can remember. Maybe we have, and we can't remember. Anyway, it was so amazing to me that I little 15 month old that can barely say anything, can recognize a familiar loving face, and even attempt to say his name. It really was a precious moment. I love being a mom more than anything!

As for my other wonderful child. It is so cool to teach Madilyn something about the gospel, something I don't really think she will understand, but I explain anyway. Only to hear her talking about it days, weeks, months later. She is really into asking the "why" question. She really loves hearing stories about Jesus walking on water, or Nephi getting the gold plates. Life truly is amazing, and I am so grateful for my children and my awesome husband who also teaches them so much. They are all such examples to me. Love life!