Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Who knew that Hawaii had a pumpkin patch?? Well in all honesty, I am not too sure they grew them there. As we were exiting the area I spotted an area with crates and boxes full of pumpkins, so I am pretty sure they just scattered them everywhere. So only in Hawaii you will have the price of the pumpkin determined by who is working, and what they think its worth. No real system, just giving it a guess. So we would show them a pumpkin, and they would say, "Uhhh $7.00." or "for that one, 8...no $9.00." Drives me a little crazy, oh well that just how they roll in Hawaii.

So we made the mistake of forgetting cash, luckily we had our good friends Franco and Emma with us to spot us enough for a pumpkin for a least Madilyn. They were very generous, considering it made it so they could only get one too. Thanks Franco and Emma, you guys are the best.

They had a petting zoo, but since we didn't have the cash...we didn't get to pet. The girls were dying to get in there.

Madilyn Getting down to Business...we just bought her that hoodie because she has been cold. Yes believe it or not, we have been cold lately. I think we have definitely adjusted to the change in weather, because we now can tell difference in Fall weather here, whereas the year before we didn't really feel the change.
Only in Hawaii will they have a talking bird as you walk by...just hanging in the trees all by itself telling people hello and goodbye as the walk by. Super random, but I must say very entertaining!
When Eliza saw the pumpkins she ran to the first one she could get to and tried to pick it up, and continued trying for the next 5 mins before she realized there were more pumpkins.

Still trying...
Then I decided I needed some cute pictures of the girls in the pumpkins, it didn't last long...and they definitely were not going to let me get one of them together.

Cute little girls...

Madilyn didn't last long.

And off she went, isn't her hair beautiful?? I can't believe how long it is, I don't even notice how much its grown until I look at pictures of here a year ago.

Look closely my friends, that is Beautiful ocean on one side, and beautiful mountain on the other. Not a better place to have a pumpkin patch in my opinion! Great view, so much more beautiful in person!
The only picture I got of them standing by eachother.
Finally a pumpkin just her size to pick up.
And then it began, pumpkin sitting. I swear they tried to sit on everyone there.

If you sit on enough pumpkins, eventually this will happen...

Group shot, minus Eliza and me of course. With our good friends Franco and Emma

bye pumpkin patch!