Burnham Family 2012

Burnham Family 2012

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I suppose its due time to post about Christmas.  This year we spent it at my moms house in Prescott, Arizona.  We had a great time with family, and of course it all ends too quickly.  But here are some pictures of our time out there.

Madilyn is obsessed with babies, I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to be the most amazing big sister to this new babe on the way.  I caught her doing this and was glad I had my camera out and ready.  Not sure how much Maren is enjoying it, but she was a pretty good sport when it came to all Madilyns adoring hugs and kisses.

We drove up to Flagstaff one night and did the Polar Express, the kids loved it.  My camera was being finicky so there are not many good shots of our adventure.

The Oltrogge fam.

No joke when I tell you this, Maren spent probably 90% of her time sitting at this little table.  No one would even be in the room, or sometimes there wasn't even any food...But she had an obsession with it.  Quite cute I might add.

Santa came to the Crockett/Hillier Christmas party. Eliza was ecstatic about it.  Madilyn on the other hand was quite hesitant and wouldn't sit on his lap the first time she was called.  So after she watched every single person sit on his lap and get a present, she decided she would take her chances.

Sweet little Ellie

Maren could not get off his lap soon enough.

Tanner had a box of his pre mission stuff stored at my moms house, and we found this great treasure in there.  Truly a hit.

The Flying angel and Mary.

Its safe to say that the angel was trying to steal all the attention.

Tanner playing the role of Joseph.

Christmas Morning.

Seeing the presents under the tree, were!

Eliza's present from Santa.

Madilyn's present from Santa.

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  1. I miss thise little girls! Not so little any more! Sheesh!